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Save 20% on 10 Private Breathwork Sessions

Process up to one hour and supported breathwork for an hour. All 10 sessions must be used by 12.31.2024. In-person or virtually via Zoom.Can also be used for 2:1, 2 people per session.


Breathwork - Conscious Connected Circular Breath 
Breathwork is a powerful clearing and transformational tool embracing the energy of consciously harnessing prana through conscious connected circular breathing. We gently breathe ourselves through tension, pain, drama, fear and trauma, until we reach peace and relaxation. Breathwork heals the breathing mechanism which means people release and heal a big part of “what they were holding on to” and then flow freely in their bodies (physical body, mental-emotional bodies, and energetic body). When we release the breath, we melt the main layers of tension and stress due to past emotional traumas, infancy, and birth memories. This experience can be described as an effortless merging of the inhale and exhale; the breathe breathes us.

Benefits of Breathwork are:
-Calms Mind
-Eases Anxiety
-Increases one's experience of inner peace & surrender
-Reduces stress, increases energy, aliveness and sense of overall well-being
-More vitality
-Resets the parasympathetic nervous system - the body’s natural healing process
-Enhances creativity & expression
-Amazing Manifesting Inner Power




I understand Breathwork (Rebirthing Breathwork), yoga, feng shui and other alternative therapies should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment for any diagnosed health condition (Medical or Psychological).


I understand Sara Egert is not a physician, and any medical or physical health benefits are opinions that shouldn't replace your primary care.


I acknowledge and agree that I am responsible for my own health and monitoring how I feel during my session.

10 Private Breathwork Sessions - Package

1 800,00$ Prix original
1 440,00$Prix promotionnel
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